Pentathlon Systems provides IT consulting, resourcing, management services, and research.

The team at Pentathlon Systems has developed custom ICT solutions (e.g. Enterprise Resource Planning ERP) for banking and financial institutions, government, trading, sales and marketing, payroll, freight forwarding, publishing, manufacturing, e-learning, e-commerce, portals, and document management.

Project managers at Pentathlon Systems have over a decade of experience in using ICT to help solve business problems. Technical consultants conduct and implement business re-engineering solutions, change management, IT audit, and information strategic planning.

Both proprietary and open-source technologies are used by software developers at Pentathlon Systems including but not limited to: Oracle, SAP, Sybase, Linux, PHP, MySQL, Apache, HTML, XML, CSS, C#, .NET, ASP, Access, IIS, Visual Basic, VBscript, Excel, Java, JavaScript, PostgresSQL, Python, and Zope.